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The Sumerian Literature: The Sumerian Belles-Lettres

Archeology, and particularly the study of man's more ancient past as revealed in the excavations of long buried cities and villages, is by its...

The Sumerian Religion: Theology, Rite, And Myth

In the course of the third millennium B.C. the Sumerians developed religious ideas and spiritual concepts which have left an indelible impress on the...

The Sumerian Society: The Sumerian City

Sumerian civilization was essentially urban in character, although it rested on an agricultural rather than an industrial base. The land Sumer, in the third...

The Sumerians History; Heroes, Kings, and Ensi’s

Now that we have clarified, at least to some extent, the method and procedures by which the modem archeologist and scholar has resurrected the...

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