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Assyrian History: Life in the Assyrian Empire

While Assyrian history is largely understood through the military and imperial conquests of its many kings, not everyone who lived under the Assyrians was...

Assyrian History: The Assyrian Military

Much has been said of the terrific Assyrian Military & Army, and for good reason. The Assyrian Empire made great strides in terms of...

Assyrian History: Assyrian Government Pioneer of Mesopotamia

While the Assyrian Empire expanded largely as a result of military conquest, for it to actually be considered an empire it had to exert...

Ancient Assyrian Culture, Art, Math, and Science

The military traditions of the Assyrians are well-documented in Assyrian Culture, but to only discuss this aspect of their society would do a great...

Great Assyrian Gods: Assyrian Religion & Beliefs (2600–2025 BC)

Assyrian monarchs considered themselves to be closely related to the gods, and this belief in the divine right to rule meant that religion was...

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