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The first few minutes of intercourse is when premature ejaculation is most likely to occur. Before you insert your penis, rub it up and down the entire length of the vagina so that the head and stem are cradled just inside the outer lips. Also, hold the stem with your right hand and wiggle the head over the clitoris and slightly inside the outer lips. With your left hand, rub and massage her pubic mound.

These movements serve to gradually acclimate the penis to the feel of your girl’s vagina and you have total control to pull away if you feel ejaculation coming on. It also gives enormous pleasure to both of you and most people don’t even know about it. It not only feels incredible, but it’s fun for both the man and only feels incredible, but it’s fun for both the man and woman to watch the penis slip and slide inside and over the clitoris.

Naked lady waiting for sex to start

When you are having intercourse, pull out and repeat the above exterior movements several times. You will revert to a mode of anticipation, which is useful in holding interest for a marathon lovemaking session. You may find this also serves to reestablish eye contact with your partner. At this point, if you are confident in your ability to control ejaculation, have her take hold and be the guide, using your penis as an instrument for her external masturbation. Her hands manipulating your penis for her pleasure empowers her while offering an exhilarating physical and visual sensation for both.

The Playing Field

Since the emphasis may be shifted from a prone position to a predominately-vertical position for the male during the initial phase of intercourse, it may be necessary to raise the bed to a level compatible with the height of your penis as you stand. This can be done with wood or cinder blocks.

Placing a pillow or thick cushion underneath your partner’s behind may give you a little extra penetration. It is also suggested that you place a clean very coarse doormat or small piece of carpet turned upside down so you can stand-and-grind on the acupressure points on the balls of your feet, which forestalls ejaculation (detailed later). Even better, place a rock on the doormat or carpet to add more pressure on the balls of your feet. Another option is to purchase a pair of massage sandals, which have nodules or protruding rubber spikes that stimulate acupressure zones.

Make love on different pieces of furniture. Always keep things interesting and unpredictable. Women just love to be surprised. Many women love to watch themselves while they are making love, so a well-placed mirror can sometimes be a turn on.

Placing a pillow or thick cushion underneath your partner’s behind may give you a little extra penetration.

There is no suggestion that you should customize your house to your sex life, but do keep the whole place clean, especially the bathroom. You don’t want her to be turned off while peeing. As in the case of grooming, you don’t want that which is most preventable to sabotage your intimacy. Have an appropriate CD and scented candles on standby in several rooms. Have curtains and lighting set beforehand so you don’t have to fumble on the spot.


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