The Spiritual Driving Force of Sex

Feeling and awareness are what separates two humans from two dogs copulating in the park. This spiritual aspect of love-sex is what truly makes the sublime transcendental act what it was meant to be. When you are totally aware of the other person’s being and of your physical emotional feelings, the male and female energies seem to fuse and reinforce one another in a remarkable way. This phenomenon actually energizes both of you, physically and emotionally, which can have a positive residual effect for several days. In very simple terms, passionate sex, with keen feeling and awareness, is a lot more fun than unadulterated, raw, throbbing, animal lust, without any heart behind it.

Sex, with the feeling awareness element, is such a powerful force; the ancient Tantras have used it as the primary vehicle for spiritual enlightenment. Also known as Nirvana, it is regarded as the bridge between the physical and spiritual world.

Take care that her level of excitement, as well as yours, never accelerates too quickly. This pacing factor is very important for a good and long-lasting lovemaking session. When her sexual stimulation is too intensely centered in her genital region, stop, and massage her a little to diffuse the energy throughout her body. This can sometimes effect a full body orgasm.

As her pleasure threshold rises with each

subsequent orgasm, move through many different positions to keep things exciting and unpredictable. As you learn to control ejaculation, your body becomes a loaded weapon and it is easier to give her multiple orgasms. If you climax, you may not be able to create the same energy and by the time you get your second wind, it might be too late.

Take a Break

When the sexual intensity becomes too concentrated in the penis, take a break to diffuse the energy throughout the rest of your body. Take deep breaths, drink some water, or briefly walk around the room. Don’t break so long that your mate starts to cool, but long enough to balance yourself. Fondle her clitoris to keep her revved up

By pacing yourself, you can start your lovemaking in the morning or the afternoon and go at it, hot and heavy, for hours and hours into the night, or until your mate cries “Uncle.” The intensity and passion level will be at a constant peak even after hours if you stop periodically to break for resting and refueling. Another ideal time for break is when your mate has had an orgasm and is feeling exhaustion. Her orgasms could be numerous, once you have this book down to a science. Take this time to cuddle, caress, and show your affection. This is also a good time to take a little walk around, which has a definite grounding and balancing effect on the body and mind.

Even if it is one of those one-time trysts, your girl will remember you in the years to come as one of the greatest lovers in her lifetime.

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