Oral Sex The Fastest Way To A Girl’s Heart

A great philosopher once said, “The fastest way to a girl’s heart is through your tongue.” One of the major complaints among women is that men in general don’t give them their share of oral sex, and when they do, they don’t know how to do it right. Maybe that’s why woman are increasingly turning to other women in record numbers. So if you’re not hung like a porno star, which most men aren’t, a crafty tongue can go a long way to compensate.

This is what she’s been anticipating ever since you first touched her and here is where you can really be her hero. At this point, you are very turned on which actually sends more blood to your lips to make them larger and more conductive for transferring sexual energy. In many cases, your lips, used masterfully, can be as exciting as intercourse.

Start by kissing and licking her lower belly, moving downwards in a zigzag pattern over the pubic mound. Then move closely around her vagina and begin kissing and licking her inner thighs. After circling the vagina area with your tongue, teasingly brush your tongue over the clitoris a couple of times. Now lick and suck the tip of her clitoris for some time. With your lips and tongue well lubricated with saliva, lick and suck the outer lips of her vagina. Then part the outer lips and do the same to her inner lips.

Caress her waist, buttocks and thighs with your hands if your mouth doesn’t need the assistance. But remain gentle, oral sex should not be performed with a heavy hand, or mouth. The greatest pressure that can be acceptably applied is with the full flat front of your tongue, like a dog licking your face.

Thrust the tip of your tongue in and out of her vagina orifice several times. Then thrust your tongue all the way in as far as it will go and keep pumping like

it was your penis. Hold your head perpendicular (sideways) to her, flickering your tongue rapidly from side to side, up and down the lips of her vagina. If you are sporting and you want to give her an extra thrill, touch the tip of your index or middle finger against her anus. Tell her there’s no extra charge for that one.

It is important that the woman receiving the oral sex knows that you are enjoying it as much as her. If she even suspects you are doing it out of obligation it will detract from her pleasure. Throughout the ages, many have said this is the true fountain of youth, so go for it big time. As you lick and kiss her body, really savor the taste.

How to Receive Oral Sex

If oral sex is done in the following manner, it can also forestall male ejaculation, and thus prolong the pleasure. In the beginning of oral sex, it is better to do a one-on-one, where the female gives it to the male. This unilateral basis gives the male more control. Later, when the man is more used to the woman, and has mastered some of his kinetic accu-pressure techniques, the partners can ease into simultaneous oral sex (69).

When the male is receiving oral copulation, it is better to withdraw the penis when the feeling of euphoria becomes too intense and there are signs of imminent ejaculation. The ideal positioning is: THE MAN STANDS while his partner sits on the bed or on her knees. This way he can pull out at will and grind the balls of his feet on the floor, which will prevent ejaculation. After each withdraw and re-insertion, the man will find he can keep the penis in his partner’s mouth for longer periods. The male can experience that feeling of euphoria that precedes ejaculation many times over. This repeated feeling greatly increases the pleasure factor and is much more fulfilling than having one quick orgasm or one or two marginal ones.

It is a good idea to have the partner lick all over the penis and balls before reinserting it in her mouth. This process diffuses the sexual energy, which is building intensely in the head of the penis and can trigger premature ejaculation. The process of withdrawing will actually make the female hotter with each cycle. Initially, the female might complain of the withdrawals, but explain that you are getting used to her gradually. It is up to you to instruct your girl how to give you great head.

Guide Lines to Receiving Oral

  1. Make sure she is very gentle, especially in the beginning. Tell her not to suck it too hard.
  2. She must keep lubricating with saliva at all times.
  3. Have her swirl her tongue around the head like an ice-cream cone.
  4. Have her look up at you as she gives head.
  5. Have her lick it, kiss it and lightly suck it all over.
  6. Have her lightly hold your testicles as she performs.
  7. Have her stroke right behind your testicles (where the underside of the shaft projects from.)
  8. (Optional) If she’s game, just like you did for her, have her touch the tip of her finger on your anus for an extra thrill.

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