4 Kamasutra Positions & Posses

Raised Feet Posture

This position needs a little bit of flexibility but it is also a sort of stretch, so if you ease into it you should be able to reach it in a few minutes after your body is warmed up.
The woman lies on her back and brings her knees to her chest, wrapping her arms around them, her body forming a small ball shape. The man kneels near her buttocks and enters her vagina from a kneeling position in front of her. Her vagina will be quite easily accessible because her legs are lifted at her chest. If the flexibility is there, the man can now lean forward with his upper body and with his own chest, he can hold her legs to her chest for her so that her hands are free. With her free hands, she can hold the back of his neck, pull his hair or caress his face, depending on what direction you want to go with this sexual encounter. From here, the man’s penis can very easily meet the woman’s G-spot because of its curve and this will make for an intense orgasm for both parties. The restriction of movement paired with the extreme closeness of their bodies is sure to make for some pent-up arousal that has no other way to be released than through a full-body orgasm.

The Supported Congress

This position is a different variety of a standing position than we have already seen, but can be done with more ease than some of the other standing varieties.
To get into this position, the man stands in front of a wall with the woman standing in front of him, facing him. The woman lifts one knee up and wraps her leg around one of the man’s legs. The man can then slide his penis into her vagina, her leg raised to allow for deeper penetration and easier access. In standing positions, it may be more difficult to get the penetration right away but with some maneuvering and adjustments because of height differences, you will eventually get into a comfortable rhythm.
This position is a midway point to another Kamasutra position called The Suspended Congress, where the woman has both legs up and the man is holding them both under her knees and thrusting into her while holding her weight up. This position is quite difficult for the man, but if achieved it can lead to very deep penetration. The Supported Congress is a great place to start if you want to eventually try it with both legs up, as it is quite similar.

The Half-Pressed Position

This position is another midpoint to a more difficult Kamasutra position requiring a lot of flexibility, but this one is quite good even at this midway point! The woman’s legs are spread wide and so it is very pleasurable for both of them.
The woman lies down on her back with her man kneeling in front of her. She stretches one leg straight out past him, besides his body and with the other leg, she bends her knee and places her foot on his chest. From here, he enters her vagina. The woman can move her hips up or down to give varying amounts of pressure to the man’s penis for added pleasure for him. The stretching of her leg opens her clitoris up to potentially be stimulated by the base of his penis when he thrusts his hips and penetrates deeply into her. Having one foot planted on his chest keeps her legs open wide with every one of his thrusts in order to allow for deep penetration and clitoral stimulation.

The Yawning Position Variation

Have you ever heard of the term ‘balls deep’? Have you ever wanted to try it? The Yawning Position creates the deepest possible penetration of any sexual position. In the classic yawning position, the woman puts her legs in the air and spreads her legs with her knees straight, forming a ‘V’ shape. The man kneels in front of her and puts his penis inside her from the front. This creates an intense sensation for both partners.
The variation of The Yawning Position that we are going to look at can begin when the woman is fully aroused and wet. The woman lies on her back and lifts her legs into the air with her knees straight. The man lies on top of her in a missionary-like position. She places her straight legs on the man’s shoulders. He can then enter her vagina with his erect penis and thrust his hips forward for the deepest penetration. As I said, this position makes for the deepest possible vaginal penetration of any sexual position, and if the woman can manage it, she can slide her legs to the outer edges of the man’s shoulders which will make for maximum depth of penetration as her legs will be as far spread as possible.





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