Afternoon Delight and Cross Love Making

Afternoon Delight is a nice position to try on a quiet Sunday after a long work week when you are both feeling tired and want a bit of lazy sex. You can start this position off with some lazy hand and finger play and then progress it to penetration in the same position if you are already cuddling and don’t want to move around too much. This position is optimal for stoners and sleepyheads.
The man lies down on his side, his erect penis poking out in front of him. The woman lies on her back at a 90-degree angle to the man’s body, halfway down near his genitals. She then bends her knees, lifts her legs and drapes them over the man’s side, sliding her vagina towards him so it is close to his penis. He can move forward to meet her and slide his penis in her vagina. The woman can lie back and relax while the man thrusts his hips. This position can be done while you watch a tv show, while you are reading or while you are both half-asleep and want a little bit of Afternoon Delight. If this inspires you to try something more involved once you get into the mood, you can easily transition to Missionary or Doggy Style from here.

The Cross

The woman lies on her back with one leg extended straight into the air. The man kneels in front of her, straddling her leg that is extended on the bed and holds onto her other leg which is in the air. He can then move his body forward between her two legs until he is close enough to insert his penis into her vagina. He can hold her legs spread with his body, straddling one of them and placing the other one on his shoulder. By doing this, his hands will be free so that he can play with her clitoris, massage her breasts, rubbing his hands up and down her body or whatever they please. They can talk dirty to each other while looking at each other in the eyes and tell each other what they want done to them or what feels good.

The Plough

As the name suggests, this position is designed to look like a type of human plough, but I assure you, it is much sexier than it sounds. A good introduction for some of the more interesting and difficult positions, this one will get you both acquainted with the world of Kamasutra as it is known in today’s pop culture.
You as the woman, lie face-down on the bed with your hips and legs sticking off the end and support yourself on your elbows. Your man stands on the floor beside the bed, his body positioned between your legs. He then lifts your lower half up by your hips and thighs and inserts his penis into your vagina, while supporting your legs the entire time. You can take a more passive role in this position, and he can adjust the angle he holds your legs at for maximum pleasure.

The Toad

This position is similar to The Toad (or The Frog) stretch that you probably used to do in gym class as a child. Facing the floor with bent knees spread wide to get those hips stretched. I bet you never thought that would help you in your sex life… But low and behold, turn that stretch over and you have The Toad position! I will explain in more detail as follows.
The woman lies on her back, bending her knees towards her chest and spreading her knees open wide. This opens her body up for easy penetration, clitoris access and maximum exposure of all of her pleasurable parts to her man’s body that will be rubbing against them. The woman’s entire vulva can be a pleasurable area if it is exposed to touch like the man’s pelvis or hips rubbing it. This coupled with the clitoris being rubbed at the same time will drive her crazy. The man lies on top of her and slides his penis into her vagina, having lots of space for a deep penetration. In this position, the woman’s clitoris can easily be stimulated from the thrusting motion of the man’s body on top of hers or from the base of his penis when he comes as close to her as possible with each thrust. If the woman wants to take more control, once he is inside of her, she can wrap her legs around his waist and use them to pull his hips towards her along with his movement to increase the pressure and depth of his penetration.

The Peg

The Peg has a sexy name that implies pleasure and may even have you turned on already. This is a more difficult position, certainly more difficult to get yourselves into, but it comes with the reward of a great all-encompassing orgasm for both parties if it can be done.
The man lies on his side and the woman lies facing him on her side, with her head towards his feet. The woman will lift her knees towards her chest and place one of her legs underneath the man’s legs and have the other on top of his legs. Essentially, she is hugging his legs with her entire body. She slides up so that her vulva is next to his penis. When aligned properly he can penetrate her and can achieve depth and control as she is positioned perfectly for his penis to enter her. The woman wraps her arms around his legs and he can use his hands and arms to help with his thrusting, or if she is comfortable, he can use his hands to stimulate her anal area with his fingers or a toy. The woman is positioned like this allows for all of her vulva to be open and accessible once again and this is what will lead to a stronger orgasm for her. The man being able to see all of her and to play with her anus will lead to a stronger orgasm for him




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