Mapping The Patriarchal Network of Tech Founders

There are so few people this crazy I feel like I know them all by frst name … They travel as if they are pack dogs and stick to each other like glue.Larry Page, commencement speech, Michigan 2009
(Google 2009)

In the 1st Figure we map the connections between the people in our case studies. Most of the connections were found using broad-context collocations in the NVivo version of our concordance. This means that their names appear in the same paragraph in one of the books in our concordance. To indicate the complexity of the connections, we have identified four axes by which the different members of the group can be connected: business, friendship, rivalry, and political influence or lobbying connections.

Network of Founders in the Top Tech Companies
Network of Founders in the Top Tech Companies

As clearly emerges from this mapping, this is a dense network where the links between the different members are intense and varied – some, like those between Musk and Page/Brin, are deep, and based on nearly two decades of friendship. Others, for example between Musk and Sandberg, seem limited from our sources.

The results from the concordance are by no means comprehensive: an evidence base drawing on a wider range of media would have produced an even denser set of connections, but the aim here is to focus on confirmed connections between these figures (not including gossip press), and hence on legitimated public domain narratives

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