Orgasm Tips For Male Partners: A Ticket To The Promised Land

The overall strategy is to diffuse the concentration of sexual energy throughout the body instead of concentrating it in the male genitals or, for women, in the vagina. This process not only helps control ejaculation but helps promote a low-level full body orgasm for an extended period without ejaculating – sometimes for up to an hour or more. During this sustained orgasm euphoria, every molecule of the man and woman merges into a single reverberating ecstasy, which goes far beyond regular climax. It yields consummate pleasure and, at the same time, promotes healing for the body, mind and spirit.

Utilizing stand up positions that put pressure on the balls of the feet helps diffuse sexual energy from getting too intense in the genitals. This is the secret to controlling ejaculation. The subtle energy meridians are further balanced and diffused when you grind your feet and walk around the room.

Lubricants and Soreness

In addition to using a desensitizing cream on your penis, use a lubricant to prevent chaffing and irritation to the delicate skin of the male or female sex organs or the condom if there is dryness. If you don’t have any massage oil or commercial lubricant like KY-gel or Hydra-Smooth on hand, use vegetable oil from your refrigerator. Caution, if you use a petroleum based lubricant, your condom may dissolve. When you’re having sex, saliva will work okay, but a regular commercial lubricant is better, although be careful not to rub off all the desensitizing cream if applied. Constantly spit on your fingertips and rub it on the head of the penis or the girl’s clitoris

When you practice these newly learned techniques, your lovemaking sessions can sometimes last for hours. All this friction can cause soreness, so keep everything well lubricated. During the latter stages of sex, keep checking with your mate for soreness. She may not give any indication she is getting sore, but if you don’t pick up on it you may not get invited back.

If she is getting sore, switch to another less obtrusive mode like oral sex or just cuddle and kiss for a while. This is a good time to spiritually bond with her with signs of affection. If it is obvious that she’s had enough and you keep going at full throttle, it may disenchant her and nullify what would have been a memorable sexual encounter.

Female Orgasm

When the female has reached her peak and cannot take anymore withdrawing and teasing, it is usually recommended to stay inside with a steady rhythmic thrusting motion until she achieves orgasm. By now, the male should be more acclimated to being inside the female, therefore the threat of a precipitous ejaculation is lessened. The female loves all the teasing and withdrawing as long as there is the final payoff of a full orgasm, but understand that you don’t have to have your penis inside her to give her an orgasm.

Sighs, like “Oooooooh’s and Aaaaahhhhhs,” can heighten passion and help facilitate the female orgasm. Playing a background tape of a thunderstorm, waterfall, running stream or ocean waves helps relax inhibitions. Burning incense or essence oils also promotes a relaxed environment as mentioned previously.

When the male is mounted behind the female, he can reach his hand around her waist and fondle her clitoris as he is thrusting in with his penis. Be careful not to rub too hard on the clitoris, for this sensitive area is prone to the slightest pressure. Easy does it and be sure you massage the whole area around the clitoris…especially right under it and at varying speeds. Ask the female exactly how she likes it. Don’t worry! She knows and will gladly direct you.

If the woman is ever having problems having an orgasm, there is one fail-safe method. As you are making love to her doggie style, reach around to the front and touch a vibrator onto her clitoris.

If she is not ramping up to an orgasm after a while, you can reach your hand down to her clitoris, motioning her to masturbate. Her rising excitement will release her inhibitions. If the female has a full orgasm, rub the clitoris or her G -spot and her orgasmic contractions will sometimes double or triple.

If she is still having difficulty achieving orgasm after masturbation, there is one sure fire method. As you are making love to her doggie style, reach around to her front and touch a vibrator onto her clitoris.

With the control you have gained, you will want to stay inside her, even after she peaks, to facilitate multiple orgasms. Women tend not to drop off as men do after orgasm. They decline back through the stages of excitement they went through in building to the orgasm. Thus, orgasm is not necessarily the “finish line” for women as it is for most men. Each girl is different, so you’ll have to see how far she wants to go achieving multiple orgasms. Some girls will go completely dead after initial climax, so you don’t want to short change yourself.

After her first orgasm, there is a five to ten minute window of opportunity to facilitate a second and maybe multiple orgasms unless it is clear she wants to stop. Let her know the ride is still on if she wants. You have a chance here to take her to a level of ecstasy she has never known and will not soon forget you. Sometimes, subsequent orgasms can increase in strength with each one.

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